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I love Photography and I love Art. 


They have both long been a part of my life. As long as I remember I have had a camera,  it has ben a constant through all the stages of my life, from the first little Kodak Brownie I had as a kid to my Canon M5 or 60D that I carry everywhere now.


But now, in retirement, I finally have the opportunity to focus on taking photography from a hobby to a passion.  As I explore the wonders of this amazing planet, photography allows me to capture the memorable sights and moments and hold those with me forever.  Photography also provides the means to capture life as art.

Art has also been a long time passion, painting in oils and, more recently, watercolours. In PhotoArt I strive to combine these two passions; choosing only those images that reflect the artistic qualities of a painting and then using the marvels of digital processing to create a digital painting.


Photographic Art is an important element in decorating, adding colour, interest and personality to your home or office. It also makes a perfect gift, with the ability to select style, colour, size, and theme that reflect the receiver of the gift.


Thank You for allowing me to share this passion with you.





All photos contained on this site are the exclusive property of colleenbesselphoto. All rights and usage are restricted. Unauthorized use of any images is strictly prohibited.


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